It was a casual question, asked quietly whilst we were preparing food over the Christmas break:

“So why are you interested in mental health?”

I’d answered the question lots of times. But this time felt different, asked with genuine curiosity, and it made me pause. …

What’s the link between ‘Cheers’ and alcohol-related deaths?

Will technology scale addiction services, or create new addictions? Photo by Clayton Robbins on Unsplash

One of my favourite public health case studies is the ‘Designated Driver’ project by Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health. Whilst the idea of a designated driver seems commonplace now, this wasn’t always the case. A concerted effort between major television…

Does wellbeing sound fluffy to you?

Connecting with others, being physically active, learning, giving and being present are all practical steps you can take to improve your wellbeing (Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash)

Let’s compare and contrast. Currently, much of the world uses Gross Domestic Product (GDP, a measure of an economy’s value created via goods and services over a fixed time period) to track national progress. And yet studies show that improving GDP per person doesn’t…

“Racism isn’t a product of race: race is the (invented) product of racism” — Prof. Dorothy Roberts

Black Minds Matter UK (led by amazing Zinc Pioneer Agnes), connects black individuals and families with certified black therapists. If you’d like to support this important initiative, please click here

It’s impossible to write on this topic without touching on what’s happening right now. Systemic racial inequalities have been exacerbated by a global pandemic, playing a huge toll on our collective physical and…

Does tech drive positive or negative behaviour when it comes to our mental health?

An unhealthy night’s sleep, or social connection during lockdown? Photo by Shane on Unsplash

From abandonment rates on wearables to varying engagement rates & outcomes for digital mental health products, it’s clear that behaviour change isn’t simple. And yet we’re all living through huge changes in our daily lives, habits…

Ushma Baros

Working at the intersection of healthcare, innovation and social impact

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