Why I’m writing a series on Mental Health & Tech

Is it sometimes easier to talk to a robot when we’re feeling down?

I’ve long been fascinated by the stories, science and technologies behind our mental health and wellbeing. The more I learn, the more strongly I believe that we need multiple perspectives to understand and address the pain points in this sector (very much our research approach at Kamet). This includes entrepreneurs, those with lived experience, clinicians, designers, researchers and technologists to name just a few.

So I’m very lucky to be enrolled in the Zinc Academy, a part-time education program offering access to world-leading experts on a range of mental health topics: from policy and behaviour change to transdiagnostic approaches. I’m keen to share some of these insights, and hopefully spark a wider discussion on the role technology can play in these spaces.

With that in mind, I’ll be posting a series of articles (expert insights + tech thoughts) on Tuesdays for each topic I learn about, which:

  • Summarises the big ideas 💡 we hear from experts on a topic
  • Captures key discussion points 🗪 and questions from our sessions
  • Adds my reflections on technology opportunities 💻 linked to these spaces
  • Provides a list for further reading 📚 because these are big, hard to summarise and sometimes controversial topics…

A friend mentioned that they were in need of ‘a concise way to upgrade my brain’ and I hope that these could be a first step for anyone interested in mental health, technology and the intersection between the two. I’m always keen to continue the conversation & you can reach me on LinkedIn / Twitter.

Next week 👉 our first article: What happened to you? Expert insights & tech thoughts on trauma and neglect”

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